Who I Am

Hi! I'm Zach. I build things on the Internet. You can reach me at z@chary.us.

Recent Projects

Room screenshot Room App Room was a hackathon project which a company picked up and supported the further development of for their developer relations booth at CES 2016. It's a crowd-sourced DJing app that allows a room of people to choose the music playing as opposed to a singular DJ choosing the song. We built it for Android and iOS using Parse as the backend API. It won first prize in a section of the hackathon.
flomon screenshot flomon flomon is a comprehensive server and application monitor. It is controlled by a secure web-based frontend written in PHP and Laravel. This is my first real Laravel project. It can monitor HTTP, it can execute commands on servers, and it requires no agent to do these tasks. This makes it very lightweight on resources and very simple to operate with multiple distributed servers.
NagMe screenshot NagMe NagMe is a task management app which reminds you to complete tasks based on your availability. It compares your calendar availability to the time estimates you assign to your tasks and will repeatedly nag you to finish the task when you have free time. Tasks are prioritized by due date. This is the first Android app I've made that is entirely my own development.